Living in a luxury home in LoHi has swank. Having Peeping Tom’s doesn’t! This 4- level loft had over 1,000 square feet of flat glass, including over 60 panes and was located in the heart of Denver’s LoHi district. Our client had amazing views but had privacy concerns due to close proximity to their neighbors and those walking by. A Solar Solution custom selected window films to accommodate their needs on all four levels. On the upper level where they had amazing city views, they chose Vista’s V-18 for maximum daytime privacy, glare reduction and heat rejection. Floors 2 and 3 received Vista’s V-28 to let in a bit more light but still provide daytime privacy. On the ground level, they selected Vista’s V-28 8 mil film, which is a solar control anti-intrusion film. This film is 4 times thicker than a standard solar control film and is made with heavy duty polyester bonded by the industry’s strongest adhesives. It provides a powerful barrier that holds glass in place if impact should occur. Whether the impact is from hail, crime, vandalism or everyday accidents, you can rest assured that safety and security films will help control the danger and damage caused by broken glass.

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